Sonógrafo Mindray Color DC-8 Expert 4D

Marca: Mindray - Codigo: DC-8 Expert 4D Esp

Monitor LED de Alta Resolucion De 21.5" Pantalla Touch Screen De Alta Sensibilidad De 10.4" Plataforma Mquadro B/M/Pw/Hprf/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging Ibeam (Spatial Compounding Imaging) Iclear (Speckle Suppression Imaging) Itouch (Auto Image Optimization) Izoom (Full Screen View) Psh (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging) Frequency Compounding Imaging Art Flow (Automatic Recognition Transcient Flow) Advanced Echo Boost Smart Doppler (Intelligent Doppler Optimization) Medsight (Wireless Router And Dicom Basic In Ultrasound System Should Be Configured At The Same Time) 1Tb Hard Disk & Istation Patient Information Management Dvd-Rw And Usb Ports Incluye: -Paquete De Medidas Shared Service (Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Abdomen, Urology, Small Parts, Vascular, Nerve, Emergency Medicine And Cardiology Packages) -Calentador De Gel "Natural Touch Elastography (Available on L10-3E/L12-3E/L14-6NE/L14-6WE/ LM14-6E/V11-3E/V11-3BE/V11-3WE)" iNeedleâ„¢ (Needle visualization enhancement) iScapeâ„¢ View (Real-time panoramic imaging) Smart OBâ„¢ (Automatic measurements for BPD, FL, HC, AC and OFD, Obstetrics package should be configured at the same time) Smart NTâ„¢ (Automatic calculation of nuchal translucency, Obstetrics package should be configured at the same time) Natural Touch Elastography (Available on L10-3E/L12-3E/L14-6NE/L14-6WE/LM14-6E/V11-3E/V11-3BE/V11-3WE) Auto IMT Package (Automatic measurement for intima-media thickness, Vascular Package should be configured at the same time) V-Mapping (vascular anatomic mapping on touch screen) ART Flowâ„¢ (Automatic recognition transcient flow) Smart Doppler (Intelligent Doppler optimization) - Software 4D/Tee Driver Module (Para El Uso Del 4D Se Requiere El Uso Del Transductor Volumetrico Ref.D6-2E)


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